What are Escape Rooms?

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Our Escape Rooms


Will you be able to discover the secret contained within the lavish office of a renowned magician?  Your ability to find the relationships between her stage props and the magical elements of her whimsical space will be challenged.  Magicians never give up their tricks easily – only through your keen intellect and powers of observation will you complete this reveal.


You and your team are a group of alien enthusiasts. You have been messaging other enthusiasts on a breakthrough in 51 and you want to see for themselves. You have hatched a plan using the claimed inside man, Hauler. Can you and your team find 51 and see if Aliens really exist before the hour runs out?


 Local Police Officers have gone missing. The only clue leads your team of investigators to the run-down site of a former police station. What you find may help you rescue the officers – if you can avoid falling prey to the same force that has led to their disappearance. Only your keen analytical skills and teamwork can help you solve the mysteries of Precinct…


Gamemaster Favorite!  Recover the data! It is up to your team to bring that data to the surface.  This high-tech deep sea laboratory is full of amazing devices that your team must master in order to recover the data.  But first – can you figure out how to rejoin the rest of your team?

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