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Building our Team – Amber Millett

In the context of great team building, we're highlighting another member of our own team.  Today we feature Amber Millett, Timed Out's resident rock star who delivers key team impact.  Amber joined Timed Out about 7 months ago.  Her talents and values quickly brought...

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Team Building Workshops that Actually Build Teams

We talk a lot about team building at Timed Out.  We've discussed why team dynamics are more important for corporate success than at any point in history.  We've shared how our CLIC tools create feedback and insights - transforming a fun escape room into a team...

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COVID-19 Protocol: Additional Measures for Safety

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are all adapting to a new normal. We don’t know how long we’ll need to embrace “social distancing” measures.  We face substantial uncertainties in our personal and professional lives.  Long-standing plans fall under a...

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Team Performance – Does your Team CLIC?

Team Performance through Feedback! As anyone who has played an escape room can confirm, escape rooms always deliver fun and excitement. More importantly, they also draw out and celebrate individual and team talents.  Further, they create a unique dynamic of...

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Team Building for a New Decade!

Digital transformation. Global markets and workforces. Disruptive innovation. Shifting demographics. Generational wealth transfer. Social and political divisiveness. An oft-quoted proverb states “May you live in interesting times.” I think we have that covered… Change...

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Building Our Team – Chris Chernewych

We pride ourselves on providing great team building programs at Timed Out, so we thought we'd highlight another member of our own great team!  Our focus today on Chris Chernewych, who has been a key member of our team for the past 18 months.  Chris joined us as a game...

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Lobby Art

When you walk into our lobby, to your left you have your typical escape room items (ways to sign waivers, happy employees, ETC) and then to your right, you see a quite large mural of photos. Photos ranging from Rick from The Walking Dead to The Matrix (are you going...

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Employee Spotlight – Spencer Ellis

Your outstanding experience at Timed Out depends on having a great team to support you during your visit. We are thankful for our gifted team, so we're sharing a few posts about them. We're going to showcase their amazing talents and accomplishments – both here at...

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Escape Room Hall of Fame

We have discussed the escape room craziness, but we have not taken the time to appreciate the good ones that make us believe in our puzzles again. Here are some hall of famers in escape room history: Sledgehammer puzzlers These people know how to manage their time....

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