Building our Team – Amber Millett

Nov 4, 2020

Timed Out Escape Room - Charlotte, North Carolina - AmberM_Candid

Amber – Timed Out’s “rock star” game master!

In the context of great team building, we’re highlighting another member of our own team.  Today we feature Amber Millett, Timed Out’s resident rock star who delivers key team impact.  Amber joined Timed Out about 7 months ago.  Her talents and values quickly brought a balancing and calming influence to our team.  Amber claims Input / Learner / Analytical / Context /  Individualization as her top five CliftonStrengths talent themes.  She regularly taps into each of those talents in driving diverse projects and creating outstanding customer experiences.

Amber is in her final semester at UNCC, where she will earn degrees in both Geology and Earth and Environmental Science.  As a result, she is quite literally our “rock star”!  So we thought it might be fun to compare her many strengths and team impact to some of the basic rock types that she has studied so deeply in the class, in the lab and in the field!

Like Sedimentary Rock – Layered from many Rich Sources

Timed Out Escape Room - Charlotte, North Carolina - AmberM_Heights

Amber taking her geology game to new heights – over 100 feet up!

Amber loves learning; she seeks out and collects nuggets that always find a way to improve projects or our work environment.  Prior to Timed Out, she managed a very large team at an amusement venue.  This experience has provided her not only with dozens of funny anecdotes, but also with valuable practical knowledge to create team impact – such as ensuring we had the optimal material on hand to clean up if one of our customers get ill on premises!  Her broad areas of knowledge make her a superb sounding board – she is a valued partner in our puzzle design process.  In fact, she leaned into her analytical talents and created several of the puzzles in Noel, our 2019 season room.  Overall, she makes all of us better – bonding together the diverse talents and backgrounds of the Timed Out team.

Like Metamorphic Rock – Responds to Heat and Pressure!

Timed Out Escape Room - Charlotte, North Carolina - Ouija Board

Amber’s amazing talent on display!

Amber delivers on her commitments.  Often, she raises her hand to take point on projects.  She has a gift for art, and delivers flair in all she does.  For instance, Amber creates our spectacular sponsorship baskets (which you may have seen at local fund raisers). She executes extremely well, especially when the pressure rises to critical! Recently, she took on the challenging task of creating the surface for a puzzle – a Ouija board in our VooDoo room.  She found some inspirational images, then hand designed and painted the surface of the board.  In order to ensure we hit our room opening date for Mardi Gras, she worked until 3:30am finishing the surface.  She dazzled us with her amazing results – produced under heat and pressure!

Like Igneous Rock – Beauty through Cooling Heated Material

Timed Out Escape Room - Charlotte, North Carolina - AmberM_Rocks

Amber will rock in her future professional pursuits, just like she does at Timed Out!

Amber has a strong influence on our team performance.  Perhaps through her tapping into her context talent, she consistently calms and focuses our team.  She helps us keep things in perspective.  Similarly, as a game master she helps her teams focus and collaborate when the pressure of the escape room clock mounts. She also taps into her confident, level demeanor to provide great support to our clients – not only in person but via phone.

Amber creates phenomenal client experiences and delivers high quality projects – but bringing people together, managing crazy Saturdays, and improving others is where she really creates a team impact.

One Final Rock…

We would be remiss not to add that one more rock plays a key part in Amber’s future. That rock is, of course, the diamond that now adorns her finger after her recent engagement to long-time partner – and Timed Out colleague – Joseph Johnson.  We are thrilled for Amber and Joseph, and look forward to seeing what amazing things that Amber achieves – both individually and jointly with her future husband!