Building Our Team – Chris Chernewych

Feb 11, 2020

We pride ourselves on providing great team building programs at Timed Out, so we thought we’d highlight another member of our own great team!  Our focus today on Chris Chernewych, who has been a key member of our team for the past 18 months.  Chris joined us as a game master, but given his talents and interests, he has impacted numerous areas within our Charlotte Escape Room.  Speaking of talents, Chris’s Top-5 CliftonStrengths themes are: Futuristic / Strategic / Ideation / Analytical / Relator.

“The [Creative] Force is strong with this one”

Spend any time with Chris, and his creative gifts and mindset will come to the surface as he taps into his Futuristic and Ideation themes.  Chris is a gifted artist and visual designer, and he’s utilized and developed those gifts in numerous ways at Timed Out.  For instance, Chris has designed all of the prominently displayed “movie posters” for each of our rooms that you’ll see at our check-in desk.  In addition, he has designed creative elements for each of our escape rooms – from the screen images where we deliver clues to the on-screen and physical elements of many puzzles and games.

In fact, Chris’s input was core to one of the central puzzles in our Precinct escape room.  Not only did he design and build the puzzle, (those of you who have played the room – think pictures, velcro and string!), he also spent long hours installing the puzzle.  In fact, Chris and I gained a new appreciation for the value of urgency and pressure – which can be very motivational at 2am…

“Do you want to play a game?”

Given Chris’s diverse strengths, he has impacted our business in a number of ways.  For instance, Chris has established and refined the way that we manage and track our critical room reset processes.  Additionally, he’s developed tools to track our games, and built analytics to identify ways each of our team can improve as game masters.  Chris had both interest and experience in web technologies when he joined us, and he has extended those skills.  In fact, he’s also our point person for administration of our website.

“What we have here is [not!] a failure to communicate…”

Chris recently earned his degree in Communications from UNCC, and has put his education to work at Timed Out as well.  For instance, Chris has led much of our social media presence since we opened.  Further, he’s been central to helping train our new team members as they onboard – both with materials that he has helped develop, as well as with coaching and mentoring.  In fact, our customer reviews may provide the best evidence of his communication skills – Chris has earned more 5-star reviews than anyone else on our team!