Employee Spotlight – Spencer Ellis

Jan 30, 2020

Your outstanding experience at Timed Out depends on having a great team to support you during your visit. We are thankful for our gifted team, so we’re sharing a few posts about them. We’re going to showcase their amazing talents and accomplishments – both here at Timed Out, and beyond. So without further ado, let’s set the stage for our first spotlight!

You’re on your spot on the stage, the lights go dim, the curtain draws back. You’ve been anticipating this show for weeks, the night has finally come. The months of rehearsal, vocal training, costume design and choreography are all going to combine tonight. The spotlight shines bright and the audience goes quiet, your time is now and you begin. This is the life that one of our employees lives year round outside of his time at Timed Out.

This week, we are featuring one of our Game Masters/Build Team Members, Spencer Ellis. Spencer joined Timed Out five months ago, and frequently runs each of our rooms. In addition to running rooms, Spencer is a member of our build team! He spent almost the entire month of November covered in sawdust and paint as he helped us finalize our Noel room. Whenever we start a project, just hand him a saw, drill or any other tool needed and he tackles it.

We do our best to “walk the talk” – so just like our teaming workshops, we focus on strengths-based development.  We often see Spencer tap into his top talent themes – we’ve benefited from his “Command” when he rapidly developed a solution for a broken puzzle piece (he went into action building a new piece in the brief time before the next room!) and we love to play into his “Significance” – in fact, you may well see him as a key character at the center of a few segments of our Depth room!

When Spencer isn’t working, he spends most of his time in the theatre community. You can find him in all aspects of it including building, designing and acting! Some of his past shows include Bonnie and Clyde The Musical, Jekyll and Hyde The Musical and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Some of his special skills include Southern, New York, and Standard British dialects at a moments notice. He also plays piano and guitar, knows how to ride a horse, a canoe, a boat, and can juggle and knit!