Difficulty Level


(4.5 / 5) – Hard

Group Size


2-8 people


60 minutes



per person


Can you discover the Magician’s Secret?

For years the world has been wowed by the unique and inexplicable magic of “ Angelica Steele”.

Originally from Cherry Creek, Colorado, Angelica fell in love with the idea of magic at a young age. One day, her family took her to see the famous Magician, Harry Houdini. The performance enthralled her so much that she decided to become a Magician right then and there. With her younger brother as her assistant, Angelica began performing small acts across the state having little success. As more and more popular magicians began coming to Colorado, Angelica became nothing more than an obscure thought.

That is until one day.

Performing on a bare stage, Angelica began to conjure magical marvels, many of which caused audience members to question whether what they saw was a trick or, in fact, real magic. Her career instantly skyrocketed, performing in some of the best theatres and on some of the largest stages in the world. Her rise to fame and many years of domination in the magic industry did not gain her many friends, but rather gained her lots of enemies.

You and your team received an anonymous tip that the magician is in fact a fraud! With the promise of good fortune, you must uncover the truth by gathering information behind her magic.

Illusion Reservations

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