Difficulty Level


(3.5 / 5) – Medium

Group Size


15-70 people


90-120 minutes



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Can you reveal the identity of the one true pirate king?

Space Requirement:

Since this is a game we transport to you, we will need an
area to set it up according to the following guidelines.

  • A room big enough to house everyone playing the game
  • Tables for each group consisting of 5 to 7 players
  • A central table, not holding a group
  • If it is a large group, a microphone may be necessary

This game is ideal for:

  • Corporate events
    • Team building
    • Office Parties
    • Intern Events
  • Birthday Parties/ Bar Mitzvahs
  • Convention Activities
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Family Reunions
  • And any other large group events!

The Scenario:

A war has started, all over the mysterious contents of the pirate chest! Five Pirate kings are claiming to be the owner of the chest, and no one is really sure to who owns it. Rumor has it that the true owner of the chest left clues and riddles to prove they own the chest. As the trusted first mates of the pirates, your goal is to decipher these clues and figure out who truly owns the pirate chest.