Lobby Art

Feb 9, 2020

When you walk into our lobby, to your left you have your typical escape room items (ways to sign waivers, happy employees, ETC) and then to your right, you see a quite large mural of photos. Photos ranging from Rick from The Walking Dead to The Matrix (are you going to pick the red pill or the blue?) to Sherlock Holmes quotes. Our mural of photos tells a story that you may not see at first glance. The lobby art was handpicked by the owners, some reflect different ideals about society, and… well… some were picked just because they were cool. Cool photos span the entire right side of our lobby as well as both bathrooms and the briefing room.

**All artwork throughout this blog post can be purchased by clicking the respective photo.

The Lobby:

Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman and the infamous Walter White:

image 0

image 0

*There is also a photo in between these two on our wall, it is the chemical structure for meth. That photo was created in house and is not available for purchase.

The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon:

image 0

image 0

Star Trek

Enterprise blueprint and “Live long and prosper” quote:

image 0

*We purchased the blueprint in “vintage black”image 0

The Matrix

There is no spoon and red/blue pill:

image 0