Escape Room Hall of Fame

Dec 4, 2019

We have discussed the escape room craziness, but we have not taken the time to appreciate the good ones that make us believe in our puzzles again. Here are some hall of famers in escape room history:

Sledgehammer puzzlers

These people know how to manage their time. They know the ins and outs of an escape room. Have a 4-digit lock but only have 3 of the numbers? Just try every number for that mystery number until it unlocks. This also goes for letter-based locks. Most of the time, these people are well experienced in escape rooms, so they picked up this useful trick. (I would recommend trying it next time!)

Well-oiled machines 

These groups of people are very entertaining to watch. They know the meaning of teamwork and bring it to a different level. By dividing into smaller groups, they tackle 3 different puzzles and solve them at the same time to cut down time. If they become frustrated with a puzzle, another person will try it. They put all of the clues and locks that have been used into a neat pile in a corner of the escape room, so they know not to use them anymore. However, the biggest strength these groups have is great communication skills with each other. The majority of the groups are usually families or really close friends. From a game master perspective, these are the best rooms and make us love our jobs even more.

The laid-back people

These people do not care whether they escape or not; they’re just here to have a fun afternoon. It always is a nice experience. Sometimes people are so focused on winning. They get irritated at the puzzles and their team members. It makes everyone, including game masters, tense and uncomfortable. So it is a nice change to get some happy-go-lucky people on the job.

Cute families with children

For me personally, I love families coming in – especially with younger kids, around 7-10 years old. They get so excited for the escape room! The fathers will help their kids figure out a puzzle so they can get the same satisfaction as us. Plus, the kids go crazy for unlocking. It is really cute and just a wholesome experience to watch.