Team Building for a New Decade!

Feb 12, 2020

Digital transformation. Global markets and workforces. Disruptive innovation. Shifting demographics. Generational wealth transfer. Social and political divisiveness. An oft-quoted proverb states “May you live in interesting times.” I think we have that covered…

Change is the only Constant

We live – and work – in a time of unprecedented change. Across virtually all industries, this change creates both opportunities and challenges, driving us to reinvent the fundamental way we work. Each of us must learn, nurture and harvest our unique individual talents to thrive in an environment of constant transition. The reach and real-time conversational nature of social media connect us in ways never before possible. New ways of working – such as Agile / scrum development, collaborative innovation, coopetition and partnering –  share a common element: increased interdependence among people, teams and organizations.

Culture is a Differentiator

Organizations with traditional hierarchical management structures are finding it increasingly challenging to rapidly adapt and compete. Corporate culture has been weaponized. Culture has evolved from simply “what it is like to work here” to a strategic consideration that drives service quality, loyalty, and innovation. Great cultures harvest the talents of the people within their organization to drive performance and fulfillment. They value and orchestrate those talents to optimize the effectiveness of teams. They monitor and measure results to encourage and reward collaboration among teams.

Team Building

All this focus – rightfully – brings us to the topic of “Team Building”. So how to best “build teams”? We all enjoy going out with the gang for dinner, or sharing a drink with colleagues – and those activities can improve personal friendships among team members.  But when was the last time you thought your team performed better after a night at the pub? Bowling? Go-kart racing?  They certainly tick the “fun” box – but do you want to drive in circles or drive results? To be clear, fun events have their place – teams that work and play together can become tribes, with common values and shared purpose. Fun events are great to recognize and reward goals achieved or milestones reached. But sometimes, shouldn’t it be about more than fun and games?

New Ways for the New World

New ways of teaming require new ways of team building. Which is precisely what we are delivering at Timed Out. As we’ve referenced in past, escape rooms are inherently collaborative – a shared mission and ticking timer can help replicate work pressure, and how people and teams behave and perform in the face of that pressure. Building on that, we’ve developed a set of tools and programs that help teams assess what happens in the escape room. We empower teams and leaders to use the resulting insights to motivate behaviors and drive collaboration upon returning to the office or the field. Our workshops utilize proven tools, such as Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment, and fun and insightful exercises to develop a language around individual and team talents. These workshops help teams uncover and appreciate their unique DNA – then use our escape rooms to see it in action.

Ready to Supercharge your Team Building?

We’re ready if you are!  Contact us to discuss your specific goals, team size, and budget – we’ll be happy to put together a program that is tailored to your needs.  Regardless of your program, there are a few elements that you can count on being consistent.  First, count on the fun and challenge of our 5-star rated escape rooms.  Second, rest assured that your team’s needs will be attended to by our professional and experienced staff.  And finally, know that your team program will be designed and led by seasoned professionals, including Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches for talent and strengths-related development.