The Office in an Escape Room

Mar 18, 2019

Have you ever watched The Office and thought how they would be in an escape room? …Really, you haven’t? Well, being a game master and binge-watching the show every day, I came to this crazy thought. (Of course I have to make a blog about it). The cool thing about The Office is all of the characters are different and very relatable; they could be real people. After watching the whole series many times, I am an expert on their personalities and potential actions.

Dwight Shrute

Dwight in the room is going to try to control everything and solve all the puzzles himself. He doesn’t need any help. He’ll get frustrated easily and mostly scream.

Jim Halpert

Jim will come behind Dwight’s failed attempts of solving a puzzle and solve it himself. Then he’ll give the cameras in the room his famous Jim grin, while Dwight gets even more heated.

Michael Scott

Michael has innate leadership abilities, and he will try to also take order in the room. However, he’ll always be a few minutes late. He’ll see a clue in the room, and bring it to everyone’s attention just to realize that clue has already been used. Oh poor Michael… He’s really trying.

Pam Beesly

Pam will probably be mostly quiet in the room, just hanging around Jim. She is a very good observer, which will help the team with finding more clues and puzzles. She will love the art and design the room has and get inspiration for her next art piece.

Oscar Martinez

Oscar will think every puzzle is a math problem and over-complicate everything (I mean he is an accountant…). He will get frustrated when someone gets a puzzle before him since he is pretty competitive.

Angela Martin

Angela will mostly not care about the room and think it is stupid. She’ll just sit in a corner until it’s over, FaceTiming her cats.

Kevin Malone

Kevin will be clueless (as usual). He’ll probably have a key or an important hint and won’t tell anyone about it.

Andy Bernard

Andy will be too enthusiastic about escaping. He has a temper on him too and a passion for winning. He’ll solve some stuff but, when the clock gets down to 5 minutes, he will explode from anxiety.

Stanley Hudson

Stanley wouldn’t even be in the escape room. He’ll be in the lobby, lounging and playing his crossword puzzles. He’ll think escape rooms are stupid.

Kelly Kapoor

I don’t know why, but I see Kelly actually being really good at escape rooms. She’ll be the one to figure out most puzzles and help her team to victory. She’ll be the queen of escape rooms.

Toby Flenderson

Toby would be overlooked (obviously), but he will surprisingly be good at them. He’s a very hands-on person, which is why he is in HR. This should be right up his alley. This will make Michael hate him more, and Michael will just be messing with Toby for the majority of the time.

Sorry I didn’t do the whole cast; that would be a very long article. I hope you liked it! I tried to do something different and fun!  Like fun?  Bring your office characters to Timed Out and take on an escape room – maybe your “Michael” will give you props on your next performance evaluation!