Top 10 Reasons to Try an Escape Room

Need some motivation to try an escape room? Have you been wanting to attempt an escape room but just had doubts? Well then, you’ve come to the right place, because I am here to persuade you to get up and go play an escape room!

1. Gets your creative juices flowing

Each escape room transports you to a different setting, whether it’s the old west, medieval times, or in space. By being completely consumed by another reality, you can let your creative side occupy your mind. In addition, many puzzles require you to see things differently and “think outside the box”.  So go “escape” reality and unleash your creativity!

2. Strengthens relationships

Escape rooms require and reward collaboration. By working together and jointly solving puzzles, you can improve your relationship with a friend, family member, or spouse. The benefits of teamwork and collective success extend beyond the escape room!

3. No screen-zone

Instead of being on your phone, your tablet or an X-box, you will interact with both people and physical things in an escape room.  You’ll get out of the technology world to a more creative, engaging, and entertaining one! Escape rooms are a great way to get out of your routine and have fun reconnecting to real people!

4. Family-friendly

Escape rooms can be great for all ages. Sometimes the youngest member of a team can see things from an unusual perspective or with an unbridled imagination that can lead the team to a solution. You can embrace being immersed in a collective challenge that takes place in a different time or place – regardless of age. Your family will create memories as you figure out puzzles, overcome obstacles, and beat a room together.  Many escape room facilities have rooms that are kid-friendly. Contact the location to determine the best room, and learn about any minimum age requirements.

5. Better alternative to traditional entertainment

Escape rooms are creating a new type of entertainment – one that is active and immersive rather than passive and observational. Instead of going to the movies, you actually get to be in the movie. Escape rooms are interactive and challenge you to observe, think, share, debate, and collaborate.  You get to have an adventure, not watch one.

6. Exercises your problem-solving skills

Escape rooms are filled with different types of puzzles, challenging the various talents and skills of the players. Some may be easy, while others can be complex. You’ll engage your creativity, your analytical skills, your communication skills – many of the same areas that will benefit you as you face real-world challenges at school or work.

7. Helps with communication skills

Many puzzles are also interactive, and require two or more teammates to solve. This requires open sharing of insights and conjecture within your group. Often, failing to complete a room can be traced back to challenges with communication. The team succeeds or fails together – top performing teams are often those that know each other well. Have a new team?  Use an escape room experience to improve the communication across the team.

8. You may learn you have talents you didn’t know you have

When playing an escape room, there are different roles people play without realizing it. One may emerge as the leader, orchestrating and coordinating the team.  Some members may be better at numerical, logical or analytical puzzles. Others may be great at language-based challenges, and others may excel at at identifying unusual or hard-to-find puzzle elements. Escape rooms provide an environment to learn about your strengths, and to embrace and refine them.

9. Boosts your confidence

Even if you don’t “beat” an escape room, overcoming puzzles within the room – both individually and collectively – provides a great sense of accomplishment. Actually solving/escaping a room can further amplify that feeling. The variety of puzzles and challenges provides an opportunity for every team member to contribute. Often, it is the quiet person in the office, or the youngest family member, who emerges from the experience filled with excitement about contributing – and having that contribution recognized by other team members. Escape rooms can be a great way build confidence as you share awesome moments with your friends, family, or coworkers.

10. It’s fun!

This one is a no-brainer, but yes it is very fun! Escape rooms provide all of these benefits – but the best thing is you will have a blast during the experience! So come take on the challenge – you’ll have a great time, embrace your talents, and enhance your team.