Our New Charlotte Escape Room, Illusion

Jan 23, 2019

It is time for a new Charlotte escape room – Illusion! Come on in and experience the world of stage magic at Timed Out… 

The Story

The story is centered around a young, up-and-coming magician, Angelica Steele. Originally from Cheery Creek, CO, Angelica has always been fascinated with magic, even at a young age. Eventually, she and her younger brother began performing small acts across the state. Unfortunately, she received little fame.

Until one day…

Angelica performed an act so marvelous, audience members questioned whether it was a trick or, in fact, real magic. After that day, her career skyrocketed. She performed in only the best theatres with the biggest audience for magic. Along her quick journey to fame, she did not gain any friends, only envious enemies.

Your team of investigators receive an anonymous tip that Angelica is actually a fraud and so are all of her acts. With the promise of a good fortune, your team must uncover the truth by gathering information behind her magic and how she does it.

Along the way, you might even learn a magic trick or two…


Time : 60 minutes

Group Size : up to 8 people

Difficulty level : 4/5 (easier than Precinct)

We hope you enjoy our new Charlotte escape room! Illusion plays in a unique style, and rewards those with a keen ability to relate elements within the rich tapestry of the room design.  Illusion features many props that are right out of the world of stage magic, providing a few “a ha” moments.  We’re thrilled with the early feedback we’ve received from players, and hope your team enjoys the room. 

So book now online and come on and experience the mystery behind Illusion!