Why Escape Rooms are Great for Valentine’s Day

Feb 10, 2019

It’s February and romance is in the air. Young couples and old loves alike get ready for the big day, Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, this date consists of a romantic dinner and then a movie afterwards. However, do you want to do something different this Valentine’s Day? It is 2019, be more daring! Why not try an escape room?

Connecting with your partner

Perhaps romance is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of escape rooms, but they are a great way to get to really know your other half. You will see how they think, confront problems, and how their competition drive takes over! It is more of a way to get to know the “real” them. First Valentine’s Day together? What a great option when you are still learning who your valentine is!

Unique experience

Escape rooms, especially for first-time players, are hard to forget. This will leave an impression on your valentine instead of just a boring dinner and movie. (Who remembers those kinds of dates?) Talking about the room and having this unique shared experience will drive future conversations and bring you guys ultimately closer together.

Build Communication

The most important aspect of an escape room is communication. It’s all about working together to solve puzzles. You must know how to talk with your partner in order to succeed and complete the room. For starting relationships, this is a great way to form conversation skills with your significant other.


Great Photo Op

Being a young adult now means good photos for social media. Don’t worry, our rooms here at Timed Out are very photogenic. You can use some props and even take pictures in the rooms for a great Instagram post. I mean why go out if you can’t take a picture of it?

Discount at Timed Out

$10 off per couple | CODE: HEARTDAY2019

For Valentine’s weekend, we at Timed Out want you to have a great date. That is why we are running this discount for any couple who wants a memorable time. So come on in and book an escape room with us!