Why Children Love Escape Rooms

Many people ask if escape rooms are appropriate for children, for fear that they are scary, hard or intimidating. While these concerns are great questions to ask, we’ve found that most children actually LOVE escape rooms!

Here at Timed Out, we have seen a ton of kids here and the majority really enjoy our rooms. Sometimes a room may be too difficult for kids to tackle on their own, so always make sure to look at the website to see the difficulty in the room.  When in doubt, give us a call and we’ll help you determine what would be best for your group.

The starting age for children in escape rooms, in my opinion, is 9 years old. While we have had children younger with families in our rooms, they don’t understand the puzzles as much and usually don’t engage fully. In general, we recommend kids at that age (up until about 12-years old) have at least one adult in the room with them to help them with some of the more challenging puzzles.  It seems like something magical happens when kids get to 12; we see teams of 12-and-ups successfully tackling the challenges of our rooms. So with all that cleared up, here are the reasons why your children will love the art of escaping:

Transports them to another dimension

The coolest part of rooms is the design. Once you open that door, you become completely immersed into that theme/setting. Most kids’ faces I see when I show them their room is shocked. Their jaws drop, eyes wide, and most let out a “Wooooowwwww”. That is my favorite part of game mastering; seeing the reactions of everyone when they enter the room. All of the puzzles, walls, and lighting is all part of the ambiance that enchants the faces of children.

The puzzles are fun and challenging 

People do escape rooms for the puzzles; it is the heart and soul of the business. Some puzzles will be more challenging than others and your children might need some help. Other rooms are just filled with difficult puzzles that they may not understand. However, when they do get the puzzle, they will be so excited. Our rooms are made to challenge the mind, so not only will they have fun, but they will be using problem-solving skills and teamwork to successfully complete the puzzles. It’s a win-win!

All the different props in the rooms

In most rooms and in all of ours, we have fun props for puzzles. For West, there is some dynamite you need to find. In Precinct, donuts play a role.  In Illusion, there are too many magical items to count! These make the room more enjoyable and fun for everyone. Plus in every one of our rooms, you will find a hat to match the theme of the room. Even parents put them on to get a laugh out of the family. This is just another reason why escape rooms are so cool!

Make them feel important/ smart

From a psychological view, escape rooms are a great way to boost confidence. Your little one will feel like part of a team and an important contributor. If they help solve a puzzle or see a clue, give them your praise. They will feel appreciated and accepted and drive up their confidence. If they are older and playing with friends, they will also feel the same way as a contributor to their group. For younger ones, ages 9-12, they need that approval from parents and friends; this will help later on in teenage years for higher self-esteem.

Great family/ friend bonding time

All of these factors above make a truly unforgettable outing for you and your children. Your first escape room is always memorable. Instead of going to the movies or just a restaurant, this will create that bonding experience as you are working together as a team. It’ll be something to talk about for a long time.

This is also great for friend groups as well. They will also connect through solving puzzles and helping each other out. This is great for any age group; teenagers, middle schoolers, even college students.

These girls dressed up for our room West!


We would love for you and your family to come by Timed Out and give our rooms a go! If this is your first time, I recommend West as it is the most enjoyable for the kids as well! 

If your child (12 or younger) wants to do an escape room with their friends, I would also recommend West as well. If they are teens, any room should be great for them! 

You do need to sign waivers for your kids, since they are considered minors. You can fill them out online here, or you can sign for them in our lobby.