Reasons Why Escape Rooms are a Perfect First Date

Apr 8, 2019

Going on a first date soon but don’t know what to do or where to go? Need a first date idea in Charlotte? Try escape rooms! Here are the top reasons to bring your date to one:

It’s different

Escape rooms are a new form of entertainment. Instead of doing the traditional date of dinner and a movie, this experience is less passive and more active. By figuring out clues and puzzles together, you feel accomplished and you can share that emotion with someone you like. They are also perfect for any season since escape rooms are indoors. I mean who wants to go for a picnic when it is cold or raining?

It involves communication

To complete an escape room successfully, you must communicate. Without it, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Just like a relationship, communication is key. This is good for early relationships, since it will teach how to touch base early on in the relationship. For first dates, you can see if you’re on the same wavelength and work well together.

You see how smart your date is

Escape rooms involve lots of logic and thinking. Now it’s time for your date to show off their skills of solving puzzles. You may find out they are terrible at them, but now at least you know. It’ll be funny to laugh at them, and you’ll still have a good time.

Takes away that “awkward silence”

This is a major part of first dates – not knowing what to say. However, with time restraints and the need to talk to each other, you probably won’t experience awkwardness in an escape room. You can leave the first date jitters behind!

It gives you insight into their personality

Since escape rooms are timed, you get to see your date working under pressure. This says a lot about one’s personality and true self. You also get to see what their strengths are. Maybe your date is good at logic puzzles while struggling with sequencing ones. Either way, it is a good way to get to know someone.

It is a date to remember

One thing about escape rooms – they are memorable! Especially for first time escapers, it is hard to forget your first room. The atmosphere and puzzles make every experience unique. Plus, you’ll always remember who played the room with you.

Makes for good photos to share

Last but not least, everyone needs a cute picture to post on social media with their date. With escape rooms, they make some of the cutest or silliest photos! You can hold up signs saying you are the champions or big losers. Either way, the picture is funny and will make for a good post.

This couple’s photo was taken in our new room, Illusion!