Escape Room Misconceptions

Oct 28, 2018

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular as a fun, challenging outing.  However, for those that haven’t yet experienced an escape room, there are often a few misconceptions that make them hesitant to try them out. As a result, I have compiled a list of some of the top misconceptions that I’ve heard, so we can get folks past their hesitations and help them join in on the fun, camaraderie and thrill of playing an escape room… 

They lock you in the room…..

escape room lockMany people believe that escape rooms lock you in. Why else would you have to escape, right?  In practice, few escape rooms actually lock players in.  In order to ensure player safety and comply with local fire codes, you are typically free as a customer to leave the room at any point. Hey, this is about being fun, not being in a corral!  If an escape room you are considering states they will actually lock you in, you may want to consider another business – that is just dangerous and quite scary.

Escape rooms are scary…..

Speaking of scary… many people hold off because they don’t want to “live out” a horror movie!  The reality is there are businesses, and specific rooms, that focus on being really creepy.  However, many escape rooms focus on the challenge and excitement and are not scary at all. The room themes are often a simple clue – zombie apocalypse, prison break, and asylum themes are likely to be a bit creepy, but Save the City, Wild West, and Cops Catch the Bad Guy are less likely to be. Some escape rooms are even family-friendly and geared just for kids. The best plan is to ask the escape room business to get the specifics.  There are many possibilities for any type of room you want!

Escape rooms are claustrophobic….

Now this is a big concern for people who suffer from this phobia. However, I am here to reassure you that this is not an issue. Our rooms are optimized for 6 to 8 players, and are sized accordingly. It is a rare escape room that doesn’t give you room to move around. Plus, once inside, most people’s worries wash away and focus on all the puzzles.

Escape rooms are only for young adults…..

Since escape rooms are a newer trend, many people think it is for the younger generation. What they don’t know is that escape rooms are for all ages. (Well maybe not like little, little kids, but you get what I mean.) It is for anyone who enjoys puzzle-solving and having a good time. Instead of going to a mind-numbing movie, try a hands-on, stimulating afternoon in an escape room!

Escape rooms are only for genius-level people…..

“You can only escape if you are a rocket scientist” said no escape room business ever. Escape rooms were made for the public in mind. There are tough puzzles, but it is not like you need to know physics to solve them. People that have problem solving skills and some common sense can escape even the best rooms. The key to escaping a room is communication and some logic.  Plus, even if you don’t escape, you’ll find the process of taking on the challenge with friends and family fun and exciting!

If you are nervous or leery about trying escape rooms, I hope this article helped your jitters. So go out there and explore the world of the escape rooms!